Blue River Civil Design


Michael Meshakaty


BR Civil Design is home to BRD’s in-house due diligence, forward planning, site design, engineering, feasibility and budgeting capabilities. This strategic move empowers BRD to evaluate site feasibility while precisely tailoring its projects to comply with the respective municipality / jurisdiction’s development code. ​

BR Civil Design further enhances BRD's capabilities by offering in-house expertise in site assessment, land planning, rezoning, preliminary engineering, permit applications, engineering design, value engineering, budgeting, and the preparation of contract documents and specifications. These capabilities extend across multiple land uses with a focus on residential and mixed-use projects, ensuring a comprehensive and streamlined approach throughout the contracting, acquisition, due diligence, entitlement, and development processes.​
BR Civil Design works to ensure alignment with any builder partner’s design standards and market parameters (when applicable), while seamlessly integrating and enhancing the surrounding neighborhood for any given site. Through this vertical integration of site selection, design, and engineering, BRD gains complete control over the entitlement process—from the contract purchase to the development permit approvals to Final Plat.​

Competitive Advantage

  • The BR Civil Design team will handle constraints mapping, site planning, engineering & hydrology, as well as forward planning and entitlements .
  • BR Civil Design is on track to complete 20 third-party due diligence reports and initiate 5 engineering projects in 2024.​
  • BR Civil Design can leverage the efficiencies and scale of BRD’s platform to maximize the number of lots that its Engineering Team can tackle in a given period​.