Blue River Brokerage


Bobby Stamps


BR Brokerage provides BRD with up-to-date market intel, insight into the constantly shifting supply and demand measures in markets, and an assessment of potential exit strategies to verify whether the deal being considered meets our profitability requirements. BR Brokerage is always tuned into the pulse of the market, keeping score of all residential activity in each market and updating the various criteria and overall “buy box” for potential end users in each market. BR Brokerage works in tandem with BRD to verify that all end-user exit assumptions are properly vetted for both prospective and current deals.​

BR Brokerage transacts on BRD’s land and lot positions by finding the appropriate end user for each deal from a vast array of investors, homebuilders, and developers. BR Brokerage lines up multiple disposition opportunities for each of BRD’s existing deals by leveraging their extensive rolodex of investors, builders, and developers across the Southeast and Texas to coordinate transactions. Thus, BR Brokerage is instrumental in ensuring that BRD is pursuing the most lucrative exit for each of its deals. ​ ​
Since the start of 2021, BR Brokerage has contracted or closed on 6000+ permitted lots with just BTR groups. To date, BR Brokerage has brokered forward commitments of 2400+ new construction homes totaling nearly $1B+ in aggregate finished value to a multitude of BTR Funds. ​
​​​​​​​​​​​​​Furthermore, BR Brokerage vets BRD’s prospective land and lot deals by assessing the underlying demand for the development of Build-For-Rent communities and residential for-sale communities in the locales associated with each prospective deal. By obtaining perspectives from builders and developers on prospective deals through BR Brokerage, BRD can rigorously vet deals in-house and stay uniquely well-informed on each market.​

Competitive Advantages

  • By connecting builders with BTR groups when the right opportunity arises, BR Brokerage is a crucial pillar in facilitating and growing BRD’s BTR presence. ​
  • BR Brokerage’s data-driven approach allows BRD to be well-informed on a multitude of markets across the Southeast & Texas amidst constantly changing economic conditions.​
  • BR Brokerage allows BRD to pursue the most lucrative exit for each potential deal whether that involves selling at LDP to a developer, selling finished lots to a homebuilder, coordinating deals between builders and BTR groups, etc.​
  • BR Brokerage supplements BRD’s underwriting and deal screening processes by providing valuable outside perspectives that further highlight the merits and/or pitfalls of potential deals​.
  • BR Brokerage can be leveraged to broker deals for other firms who have new, budding, or established relationships with BRD​.