Zillow’s Fumble Won’t Kill the Housing Boom

Zillow’s Fumble Won’t Kill the Housing Boom

Notable Takeaway's from Article


...“Current estimates put the housing supply at roughly 5.5 million units below the demand. Two million of that comes from the single-family-home shortage. And the remaining 3.5 million missing units are in the multifamily category."

...“You can't get around supply and demand. It's Economics 101... As a result of these numbers, Goldman Sachs is predicting another year of double-digit growth in 2022."

...“So when does the housing boom end? Only when supply starts to catch up with demand."

...“But in good times and bad, people need homes. And it doesn't seem like supply will catch up with demand anytime soon."

— By Vic Lederman November 13, 2021



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